Plantwalle‘s own cultivation


Two hectares of farmland are part of the Plantawalle GmbH site in a rural area 10 km form the lake of Constance. It´s here where the cultivation of medicinal herbs, spices and aromatic plants takes place. A task which fulfils individual and special customer needs. To assure professional consulting for global queries, it is essential for us to engage in best practices and refine them further.



Description of the location:

Geographic location:
The farmland extends at 600 m altitude, with south-westerly orientation, surrounded by fields and meadows, since December 2017 surrounded by wild shrubs.


Moderately heavy para-brown earth with a balanced ratio of clay and quartz and good connection to ground water.

Weather conditions:

Mild lake of Constance climate, light winds all year round, precipitation between 700- 800 mm.



Way of working:

All work processes are characterized by a high proportion of manual labor. The natural treatment of the plant all the way to the harvest, a very gentle drying (using warm air from a woodchip heating) and a careful processing are based on high professionalism.

The cultivation is by and large performed according to bio-dynamic methods.

The farm has got organic certification. Organic certificate, download as PDF


Our offer:

Highest quality is key. Fresh, as well as dried plants are part of the assortment, especially rare plants needing specialized know-how including their comprehensive culture conditions.

Please do get in touch also for very small quantities.

In addition we are ready for contract research and development work.





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Galery own cultivation: