The company was founded in 2013.

It is my mission and that of my co- worker to support you with sourcing and securing of supply for medicinal herbs, spices and aromatic plants.

The center of activities is consultancy, which is supplemented by Plantawalle‘s own cultivation and trade.
For clients from the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries I am developing concepts for cultivation and wild collection of widely used as well as rare plants. To fulfill special quality requirements I workout solutions and can adapt to your individual needs and conditions. To this end I am travelling all climatic zones on the planet for you.





At the University of Hohenheim I have studied agronomy (Master of Agriculture Science) and already at that time immersed myself in the cultivation of medicinal herbs.

During my longstanding work in plant cultivation and collection for one of the leading companies in the area of complementary medicine and organic cosmetics, as well as many years as a consultant, I have dealt with all topics of cultivation, harvest, processing and quality control. I have come up with successful solutions in numerous wild collection and cultivation projects in many countries, thereby getting to know various plant habitats, climatic situations an cultivation systems.

Profound knowledge of all organic methods complements my specific offer.

Enthusiasm, combined with joy of discovery, the will to take responsibility and empathy are the “growth factors” for Plantawalle.





  • Quality and reliability are our first priority.
  • To tune into climatic and cultural contexts are both a strength and a precondition.
  • We accompany the plants from seeding to final processing by the clients.
  • We believe in collaborative and reliable partnerships with clients, suppliers and all others involved in our regional and global supply networks.
  • Admiration for nature´s wisdom, the beauty of plants and their comprehensive effects on humans and animals inspires us and carries us along.
  • For us, it is to preserve the nature-given value of the plant in its ecological context, to enhance it´s value and to utilize it.